Monday, 21 March 2011

The Lost World Tambun

Sorry for been late updated my post.I was in journey to search some interesting story for my blog.My journey not dissapointed when i found a lovely place for been post in my blog.The Malaysia Animal Tourism for this post is Lost World Tambun in Ipoh.Maybe some people may seem it crazy because is just a theme park.Well it not like just other theme park it a Malaysia Animal Tourism as i called it.

Now let see what make this place has been choosen as Malaysia Animal Tourism.First of all i would like to give some information for this place.This place is statuated at Ipoh,Perak.This Lost World Of Tambun is really great place because it has water theme park,land theme park and what the most great think that i want to share with my favourite blog readers is it has a petting zoo in here.That why this place has benn choseen to be post on my blog.

Petting zoo let you watch animal face to face without cage or mirror and you must know they all can be touch and can be feeding.That what special at this place.I was excited seen snake,parrot,goat and other animal without cage and can walk freely with us.Oh my god!this just a heaven for all animal lover isn't it?.There same picture i snap at The LOst World Of Tambun Petting Zoo.

Parrot Photo:
                                                                  Photo:Feeding a parrot
                                                                   Photo:Feeding a Parrot
                                                               Photo:Parrot wihout cage.

Snake Photo:
Photo:Touching a snake.

Photo:Holding a snake.
Another animal that lived in here is mouse,hamster,rabbit and guinea pigs there some photo of this animal:

                                                            Photo:Feeding a Hamster
                                                               Photo:Guinea Pigs
Maybe you all may said that "waa so boring only this".Wait!there mores in here.People that came to here will never want to miss to enter a Bird Paradise.It a big cage for us to enter and we will be surrounded by many species of bird.I can't describe in it a word surrounding by bird and call them to be feed.So awesome,it like we one of the bird playing in their habitat.Imagined how wonderfull it is,there a couple photo for you all to see while i in the Bird Paradise.

Bird Paradie Photo:
Photo:Feeding a Peacock

Photo:Fedding a bird

Photo:Holding a bird

Photo:Holding a Pigeon
I hope you all happy with my new post and i hope you all will visit The Lost World Of Tambun that has been review in this post.To all who love animal this is a best place for you to enjoy with animal face to face,without cage,without mirror or without fence.You free to touch,to smell and to fell this animal closely.I will continued my journey to search a Malaysia Animal Tourism for you all.Don't forget to leave your comment.See in other next post.


  1. Hello there.I`ve been to The Tambun Lost World and i find it interesting.I`m happy that you`re promoting Animal Tourism whereby not many people know about it.If you come to KL,do contact me.Maybe we can both explore more animal sanctuary like the anaconda snake farm in Negeri9 ant the elephant sanctuary in Pahang.Keep up the GOOD job.Thanks for sharing.

  2. owhh yeah well u know to contact????
    maybe theres some phone no in you??